About Us

Paragliding Federation from Republic of Moldova was founded  in 2003 and unites paragliding clubs and individual pilots.

From 2005 Paragliding Federation is an Active member of FAI, is National Air Sport Control (NAC), and represents in FAI all Air Sports from Republic of Moldova.

The main goal of activity – sports development, account control and recognition of sporting achievements, organization of competitions and definition of the best pilots.

As an official representative of FAI in Republic of Moldova, Paragliding Federation sign and issue all official documents for registered members – FAI license, IPPI card, Quality Certificate.

President of Federation and Sports Commission

Metelski Vitali.

+ (373) 69672163


Sport Commission

Munteanu Eugen.

+ (373) 79591596 

Information and Web

Zaharia Alexandru

+ (373) 79694786 


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